Firewood Cutting.


(2 June 2023) Two new woodlots authorized for harvest (South Rwy / RR and Gravel Pit). See the updated JBER Firewood Cutting Lots map.

(10 May 23) There are currently no areas authorized for felling dead trees.

(10 May 23) The Bryant Army Airfield woodlot is open on WEEKENDS ONLY.

Required Authorization and Permits

- JBER Recreation Permit.

- JBER Firewood Cutting Permit

  • To obtain a firewood cutting permit, you must first email the JBER Forestry PM (Cayley Elsik at your iSportsman recreation permit number to recieve authorization. If your account is authorized, you will recieve and email indicating that you may purchase woodcutting permits. The email indicating your account is authorized is NOT your woodcutting permit. Once you recieve the email authorization, woodcutting permits will become available under "Acquire Permits."
  • Firewood cutting permits are valid for up to 30 days (or until the end of the calendar year, whichever comes first). The availability, including quantity and quality, of firewood authorized for harvest with a firewood cutting permit is determined based on forest resource management objectives and is not guaranteed.

Rules and Regulations

Failure to follow these instructions may lead to loss of wood cutting priviledges on JBER.

  • NO REFUNDS for woodcutting permits will be issued. Woodcutters are strongly encouraged to sign into iSportsman for recreation (i.e. sightseeing) to inspect available resources at authorized woodcutting areas prior to purchasing their woodcutting permit. Permitted woodcutters are responsible for ensuring desired forest product quantity and type are available prior to purchasing a permit.
  • Firewood obtained from JBER is for personal use and may not be resold or bartered. Prosecution may be pursued. Woodcutting or harvest of other wood or forest products on JBER is authorized for personal use only (673 ABWI-32-7001 Section 5.8) by the authorized and permitted woodcutter. Personal use products harvested on JBER may not be sold, bartered, or traded. Personal use firewood permit holders cannot recieve any compensation for wood products given or donated to others.
  • You must Sign-In/Sign-Out for firewood cutting, just like any other recreation activity on base. When attempting to sign-in, you will only be allowed to sign-in to areas that are currently open. If you do not see your preferred area, it is NOT available. Upon sign-out, you must complete the harvest report to indicate how much firewood you collected.
  • Woodcutting may take place only in designated areas marked by woodcutting signs. It is your responsibility to pay attention to maps/instructions.
    • Elmendorf Recreation Areas: Woodcutting may only take place at woodlots designated by firewood cutting signs and/or the firewood cutting maps (see below).
    • Elmendorf and Richardson Cantonment Areas: Woodcutting may only take place at woodlots designated by firewood cutting signs and/or the firewood cutting maps (see below).
    • Richardson Training Areas 401-413, 417-419, 423-429: Stacked logs/firewood visible from the road may be harvested from any of the noted training areas unless posted otherwise. You MUST be signed into the area the material was harvested in, and you MUST report the location and quantity of wood harvested.
  • Woodcutting area access is subject to military training activities, which can significnatly limit access to the Richardson Training Areas. Unfilled permits will not be extended except in extreme situations when prolonged closures due to training impedes reasonable access to authorized woodcutting areas.
  • The person whose name appears on the permit must be present at the cutting site. Firewood cutting permits are non-transferable. Additional persons assisting you with wood cutting must also be registered with a valid iSportsman Recreation Permit and be signed in on the iSportsman system.
  • Precautions must be taken to prevent spills of gasoline and oil. Litter must be removed from the site.
  • Stay within 100 yards of authorized roadside cutting areas.
  • Do not drag or cut wood into the roadway, leave limbs or log sections lying in vehicle access routes, or otherwise block traffic at any time. Drag unwanted material and debris off the shoulder of the road.
  • No vehicles, to include off-road vehicles, may be taken off of the maintained roadways or past metal gates (open or closed).
  • DO NOT disturb anything that resembles unexploded ordnance. If you did not drop it, do not pick it up. If you think you have found unexploded ordnance, mark the location, take a photo, leave the area, and report your findings to the Range Control Fire Desk at 907-384-6230.


Spruce Beetles Are Active on JBER!

Some spruce trees at wood lots may be infested with live spruce beetles. Be vigilent and help prevent the spread of beetles to your home or campgrounds by taking the following actions:


To learn more about spruce beetles, visit

- Authorized Woodlots (click to download PDF) (Accessible only to Military ID/CAC Card Holders/Sponsored Permittees)

**Note: STACKED logs/firewood may be harvested from Training Areas 401-413, 417-419, 423-429 when OPEN, without further specification, unless the area is posted otherwise. You MUST be signed into the area the material was harvested in, and you MUST report the location, quantity, and type of wood harvested.

Woodcutting Area Sign in to: Quantity (cords)* Species
Grady Highway Richardson Cantonment None currently available


Alt Grady Highway Richardson Cantonment None currently available Spruce
Shady Lane Elmendorf 005 30* Spruce, Birch, Cottonwood
Richardson Drive Elmendorf Cantonment None currently available -
Bryant Army Airfield Richardson Cantonment 15* Spruce, Birch, Cottonwood
South Rwy / RR Elmendorf 4 Birch, Cottonwood
Gravel Pit Richardson >40 Spruce, Cottonwood

*As of 10 May 2023


Elmendorf Woodcutting Areas - Accessible only to Military ID/CAC Card Holders/Sponsored Permittees

The official measurement of firewood is a “cord.” A full cord measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long (4’ X 4’ X 8’) and has a volume of 128 cubic feet.

To help you make an accurate estimate, here is how some common units of firewood measurement compare to a full cord.

One full-size pick-up truck load (standard sidewalls on an 8 foot box) equals one-half cord, whether the wood is stacked carefully so it is about level with the truck box sides, or is thrown into the truck box with the top of the pile about as high as the cab. Two full-size pick-up truck loads is the approximate equivalent of one FULL cord. Rail extensions may allow for a full cord to fit into one truck load.


Christmas Tree Cutting      Forestry Program

Additional woodlots located in the Municipality of Anchorage. Find out more on the Municipality's webpage :

JBER Forestry Program Contact: Cayley Elsik