Other Recreation


Berry or Mushroom picking etc.

Berry picking is a popular activity on JBER. A few thing to consider when picking berries or mushroom are:

  • Make sure you are able to distiguish between edible and poisonous species. More information can be found at the following websites:
  • Keep in mind that some areas that may be bountiful with berries may also be restricted access or closed areas. For example portions of JBER up Arctic Valley Road near Site Summit. It is your responsibility to know where you are and where you are allowed to be.



Hiking, Running, Bicycling etc.

There are many hiking and running opportunities on JBER including:

  • Knik Bluff Trail
  • Upper Ship Creek Trail
  • Bulldog Trail

Also be aware of wildlife. For info on moose and bear safety, see the Wildlife page.


Photographing wildlife and natural areas is a popular activity on JBER. Be aware however, that photographing of military aircraft, vehicles, buildings, personell, or anything else associated with the military is strictly prohibited. Game camera use is prohibited.

Remember: you must be signed in to iSportsman whenever you are recreating on the undeveloped portions of JBER. The following routes do NOT require a JBER iSportsman Recreation Pass for nonconsumptive use (e.g. bicyling, hiking, running) that occurs within the roadway: Fairchild Ave, 46th St, Vandenberg Ave, Airlifter Dr, and Otter Lake Rd from the Fort Richardson Main Cantonment to the intersection with 46th St and Vandenberg Ave. CLICK HERE for a map of these routes. 

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited on JBER property:

  • Trapping
  • Gold mining or prospecting of any kind
  • Collecting, removing, or otherwise disturbing any archeological or historic artifacts
  • Geocaching
  • Swimming in any waters on JBER
  • Harvesting plants other than defined elswhere on this website

Exempted Activities - MWR Managed or otherwise

The following activities are exempt from using the iSportsman system:

  • Camping or picknicking in MWR managed facilities
  • Running, walking or biking in the cantonement areas
  • Skiing at designated ski areas (e.g. Hillberg)
  • MWR sponsored rafting of eagle river

For more information on allowed, prohibited, and exempted activities please see 673ABWI 32-7001 Conservation and Management of Cultural and Natural Resources