Hunting on JBER


General Hunting Requirements and Regulations

JBER is located in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's (ADFG) Game Management Unit (GMU) 14C. All state regulations apply. Additionally, JBER imposes further restrictions on hunting.

  •  ADFG regulations can be found here. 
  • Small game hunters must use The ADF&G unit 14C small game and fur animals hunt summary for legal seasons and bag limits.
  • Hunting is only allowed on specified areas of JBER-Richardson. Hunting is prohibited anywhere on JBER-Elmendorf (except for drawn permits).
  • Waterfowl hunting is restricted to the small game hunting areas North of Eagle River (100 yds from the river and 300 yds from the Eagle River Flats Impact Area)
  • Trapping is not allowed on JBER.
  • Shotguns 10-gauge or under and bow and arrow are the only methods allowed to hunt small game and fur animals.
  • As of July 1, 2019, ALL hunters must have Basic Hunter Education.
  • All weapons must be registered with Security Forces at the JBER-Richardson Visitor Center.
  • Keep in mind the JBER Commander can and does limit opportunities within the JBER boundaries to reduce conflict with the military mission and safety.
  • Any national security development can close the base to all recreational activities.

Moose or Black Bear Hunting

Moose and Black Bear hunting on JBER is by drawing permit only and is limited to bow/arrow and muzzleloader for Moose. Black Bear is restricted to shotgun and non-toxic slugs only.There are several hunts available to apply for during the ADFG December permit application period  that are specific to sex, dates, weapon type, location (JBER-Elmendorf or JBER-Richardson) and disabled vet qualifications.

  • All applicants must have passed Basic Hunter Education and either Bowhunter Education or Muzzleloader Education, except that black bear hunting by shotgun on requires Basic Hunter Education.
  • Permittees must pass a JBER-specific proficiency shoot using the selected weapon and attend an orientation prior to being issued a permit. Dates for these are announced during the summer prior to the hunt. Dates are limited, so hunters should plan on scheduling around those dates.
  • Each hunt has specific hunt boundaries and those details are provided at the orientation. 


JBER-Richardson Small Game Hunt Map