Forestry Program

Management of the forest ecosystem is one of the most critical aspects of land management on the installation due to the high percentage of forested land and its importance to military training. The management of forest resources on JBER must take into consideration ecosystem management principles of preservation and manipulation of habitat, conservation of wildlife, outdoor recreation, and public safety. The JBER forest management program is required to support and enhance the immediate and long-term military mission and meet natural resource stewardship requirements set forth in federal laws. Objectives and benefits of forest ecosystem management include biodiversity of species and habitat for threatened and endangered species; soil conservation and watershed protection, including erosion control; management of wildland fire, improvement of air and water quality; sustained production of commercially valuable forest products; noise abatement; and the sustainment of viable and diversified training lands to meet the military mission.

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JBER Biological Scientist

Charlene Johnson

(907) 384-3913

Building 724