ALERTS:    We had a moose shot by Poleline rd. Saturday December 15th. We did not recieve the required report of a hunter shooting at a moose. If you have any information that could help with this case please contact Conservation Law Enforcement at 907-552-9453.

Update: Attention JBER Winter Draw Moose Hunters (DM426 and DM427). The isportsman sign-in issues have been resolved. All DM426/DM427 hunters should now select the "Moose Hunting on Richardson-Bowhunters" activity when signing in. If you experience any issues with the sign in process, continue to sign in as a hiker and please immediately contact the Conservation Law Enforcement Office at 907-552-8609.

Visitor Center Kiosks are available at the Richardson and Boniface Gates. These kiosks can be used by anyone to register, buy and print recreation permits, and use the website. 

Staying Safe in Bear Country: In light of bear maulings in Alaska, including one on JBER, please click HERE to review  information about bear safety while recreating on JBER.

The cost for a cord of personal use firewood on JBER is $35.00 and $17.50 for up to one-half cord of personal use firewood.   See for more information.

Entering the installation north of the Glenn Highway must be through a Security Forces manned gate. Entering from any other location or means is prohibited E.G. Knik Arm, through Moose gates, or by Aircraft, etc...

Recreational Permit Requirement

The iSportsman registration is required for everyone 16 years and older, to include military members or retirees, DoD affiliated civilians and the public. Recreation permits are required to recreate in undeveloped portions of JBER, with the exception of Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) sponsored events or facilities and WITHIN THE ROADWAYS of the following routes: Fairchild Ave, 46th St, Vandenberg Ave, Airlifter Dr, and Otter Lake Rd from the Fort Richardson main Cantonment to the intersection with 46th St and Vandenberg Ave. CLICK HERE for a map of these routes. For example, camping and boat rental through MWR or picnicking at Otter Lake are exempt from iSportsman requirements, but hunting/fishing or harvesting anywhere on JBER requires an iSportsman recreational permit and state-issued hunting/fishing license, even when conducted at an MWR facility/event or military sponsored event. Recreating on the road system outside the cantonment areas or Otter Lake, Fairchild, Talley and 46th St. also requires an iSportsman permit and to be signed in.

Recreational activities requiring an iSportsman permit:

  • Hiking, biking or running even when conducted on roads with the only exceptions being Otter Lake, Talley, Fairchild and 46th st.
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking or canoeing with a boat that isn’t rented from an MWR facility or associated with an MWR sponsored event
  • Foraging for wild edibles (including berries and mushrooms)
  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife viewing/photography
  • Small game hunting

Activities with additional permit requirements (See specific activity pages)

  • Wood cutting (Firewood and Christmas tree)
  • Big game hunting (Moose and Black Bear)
  • ORV use (ATV and Snowmobile)

iSportsman notification signs are posted at Fairchild and Tally Road, north of the flightline, along Otter Lake Road and at the beginning to Route Bravo and Pole Line Road indicating that a permit is required when recreating in designated areas outside of MWR facilities, such as Otter Lake. iSportsman permits are also required for all JBER lands south of the Glenn Highway. Recreators must obtain an iSportsman permit and sign in/out using the iSportsman system prior to entering areas open to recreation. To determine if a recreational activity requires an iSportsman permit, please call 552-8609, 552-9453, 384-3380, 384-3321 or 384-6224.

The following activities are not allowed on JBER:

  • Boating on Ship Creek
  • Trapping
  • Geocaching
  • Mineral exploration/extraction
  • Falconry (including active hunting, training or collecting eggs/chicks from nests)
  • Operation of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) such as drones
  • Target shooting (other than at approved MWR facilities)
  • Transplanting plants

Recreation on military lands is subject to availability and dependent on military security/training requirements. When signing into iSportsman, closed or restricted access areas will not show up as an option for recreational activities. Be aware that an installation pass is still required and that trespassing or permit violations may result in revocation of recreational privileges or more serious actions.

Hold Harmless Agreement

By using the iSportsman system to recreate on JBER you are agreeing to the Hold Harmless Agreement. Click HERE to read the agreement

How to Use This System

  • Click on the Registration link above
  • The system will walk you through the registration process
  • Once you are registered in the system you will need to acquire a Recreation Permit (iSportsman Permit)
  • To do this, from your account page, click on the  'Acquire Permit(s)' button, then purchase the Recreation Permit
  • The Recreation Permit is not a base access pass. If you do not already have base access, make sure you acquire a pass from security forces
  • For more information, see the 'Access' page

Below is a summary of the information or function found at the tabs above


  • Security Forces requirements
  • Information on who can recreate on base and where


  • Downloadable maps of recreation areas


  • Initiates the process of registering an account in the iSportsman system

Sign in/Sign out

  • Initiates the process of signing in or out of JBER lands for recreation

Open Areas

  • Shows areas currently open for recreation
  • Forecasted openings



  • Hunting regulations and requirements
  • Hunting maps
  • Weapons restrictions and requirements


  • Fishing/boating regulations and requirements
  • Fishing/boating maps
  • ADFG stocking information


  • Requirements and restrictions for use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) and snowmobiles
  • Authorized area maps
    • ORV
    • Snowmobile

Other Recreation

  • Information about other recreation including but not limited to: hiking, cycling, picking/harvesting, sightseeing, running, photography, etc.
  • Prohibited activities


  • Forestry product harvest requirements and information
    • Personal use firewood
    • Personal use Christmas tree
  • Forestry user maps
  • General information about the forestry program


  • Nuisance or aggressive wildlife
    • Reporting
    • Safety information
  • Wildlife Education Center information

My Account

  • Administration of your iSportsman account


  • State and Federal agencies
  • Other important information