The ADF&G spring black bear draw hunt has started on JBER Richardson. Only the 10 hunters that have successfully completed the orientation, proficiency qualifications and received the special ADF&G draw permits are authorized to hunt black bear in approved areas of JBER Richardson.

The ORV option is available when the authorized area in TA 411, TA412 and TA418 is open for recreation! PPE, ATV Safety Institute ATV Riders Course and insurance is required.  Vehicles over 1,500 lbs. are not authorized on the trails or off a maintained road.

The Self-Help Kiosk at the Arctic Valley Visitor's Center is Not Operational.  The kiosk at the Boniface Visitor's Center is operational


Entering the installation from Eagle River by raft, kayak, boat, etc. is prohibited.

ORV Recreation is now open.  See map "JBER Richardson North Recreation Areas" For authorized areas and ORV Parking for loading and un-loading.  The map link is at bottom of access tab.  PPE, Registration, ATV Safety Institute Safe Riders Course and insurance is required.

Recreational Permit Requirement

The iSportsman registration process is required for Everyone. Military, military retirees, DoD affiliated civilians, and the public choosing to recreate on JBER must obtain an iSportsman permit and then sign in/out using this iSportsman system prior to recreating, with the exception of MWR sponsored facilities.  Recreation on military lands is subject to availability and dependent on military security/training requirements. When signing into iSportsman, closed or restricted access areas will not show up as an option for recreational activities. Be aware that an installation pass is still required and that trespassing or permit violations may result in revocation of recreational privileges or more serious actions.

Hold Harmless Agreement

By using the iSportsman system to recreate on JBER you are agreeing to the Hold Harmless Agreement. Click HERE to read the agreement

How to Use This System

  • Click on the Registration link above
  • The system will walk you through the registration process
  • Once you are registered in the system you will need to acquire a Recreation Permit (iSportsman Permit)
  • To do this, from your account page, click on the  'Acquire Permit(s)' button, then purchase the Recreation Permit
  • The Recreation Permit is not a base access pass. If you do not already have base access, make sure you acquire a pass from security forces
  • For more information, see the 'Access' page

Below is a summary of the information or function found at the tabs above


  • Security Forces requirements
  • Information on who can recreate on base and where
  • Recreational maps


  • Initiates the process of registering an account in the iSportsman system

Sign in/Sign out

  • Initiates the process of signing in or out of JBER lands for recreation

Open Areas

  • Shows areas currently open for recreation
  • Forecasted openings



  • Hunting regulations and requirements
  • Hunting maps
  • Weapons restrictions and requirements


  • Fishing/boating regulations and requirements
  • Fishing/boating maps
  • ADFG stocking information


  • Requirements and restrictions for use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) and snowmobiles
  • Authorized area maps
    • ORV
    • Snowmobile

Other Recreation

  • Information about other recreation including but not limited to: hiking, cycling, picking/harvesting, sightseeing, running, photography, etc.
  • Prohibited activities


  • Forestry product harvest requirements and information
    • Personal use firewood
    • Personal use Christmas tree
  • Forestry user maps
  • General information about the forestry program


  • Nuisance or aggressive wildlife
    • Reporting
    • Safety information
  • Wildlife Education Center information

My Account

  • Administration of your iSportsman account


  • State and Federal agencies
  • Other important information