Access to JBER Training Lands

iSportsman was created to facilitate public access to JBER training lands. As always, recreational use of the installation is secondary to training and the military mission. Recreational users must follow training area open/closure guidance. Training areas are updated by Range Control on a daily basis; only open training areas will be available for recreation.


A JBER iSportsman recreational access permit is required of anyone over the age of 16 who will be entering training lands. Visitors under the age of 16 must be signed in as guests of a permit holder. Permits must be carried on your person at all times. Visitors over the age of 16 must also carry government issued photo I.D. on their person at all times. 

Training areas are open from 0600-2300.

All visitors must sign-out at the end of their visit. If visitors fail to sign-out, authorities will assume that the visitors are still in the training areas and possibly in danger and/or in need of assistance and will proceed to initiate a search; actions which could result in loss of recreational access privileges. 

673D ABWI32-7001 Conservation and Management of Cultural and Natural Resources

Obtaining a JBER iSportsman Recreational Access Permit

Registration for a recreational access permit can be completed online through this website. Click on the above 'Registration' link to sign up for a permit. Permits may also be obtained from kiosks located in both JBER visitor's centers. The visitor's centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permits are valid for the calendar year in which they are issued, expiring December 31 of that year. At the beginning of the next calendar year users will be asked to renew their permit.

To gain access to JBER you must also stop at either of the Front Gate Visitor's Centers to be vetted for base access. Individuals failing the vetting proccess will not be allowed onto JBER. If you have questions regarding installation access requirements, see the Security Forces personnel at the Visitor's Centers or call 552-4029.

After you have completed registration, click on the above 'Sign-in/Sign-out' link to sign-in to open training areas. You can sign in and out from any computer with internet access, from any smartphone, or at either of the two iSportsman kiosks located at the main Richardson and Elmendorf gates. You can also sign-in and out by calling toll free: 855-703-9176 or 907-202-5091.


If a visitor to JBER would like access to the main cantonment area of either JBER-Elmendorf or JBER-Richardson, they will need to visit one of the two front gate visitor's centers and obtain an AF Form 75 for the day. Without an AF Form 75 access to the main cantonment areas will be denied.


JBER-Richardson North Winter Recreation  (8.5x11 printable version)
JBER Richardson South Winter Recreation  (8.5x11 printable version)
JBER North Recreation Topo  (15x25 printable version)
JBER South Recreation Topo (15x25 printable version)

JBER Summer Recreation Areas Map (11x17 printable version) 

JBER Recreation Topo (17x22 printable version)

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