A Few Notes to All JBER iSportsman Users
When you register for an iSportsman recreational access permit you are only able to enter your user name and password. Once privacy act permissions are in place you will be able to modify your profile to include email, address, etc. When this becomes available we will post further information.

Training areas are closed from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. You may not sign-in to recreate until 6:00 am. Don't forget to sign-out at the end of your visit.


12 March 2014
The wood cleared from the construction project near Buckner Gym has been moved to Lot I and is now available for firewood cutting. See the Forestry page for maps and a link to current inventories.

26 February 2014
Due to insufficient snow depths, JBER remains closed to snowmobiling.

21 February 2014
Although we have had snow recently, warm weather forecast over the coming weekend will present unsafe conditions for snowmobiling. Conditions will be reevaluated after the weekend. Check back here for updates.

23 January 2014
All SNOWMOBILING IS CLOSED until further notice.  JBER has determined that it is unsafe to snowmobile on base at this time due to increased lake overflows, decreased snow depths, and glaze ice.

*The US Government will not be liable for any damage or injury to equipment, persons, or property resulting from the use or participation in any recreational activity on JBER lands.  Anyone who engages in recreational and natural resource harvesting activities, do so completely at their own risk.  Recreational users and those harvesting natural resources are financially liable for damage to government or private property resulting from their activities.

JBER will be hosting  Hunter's ED  courses for persons 10 yrs of age and up.  Follow the link for details.

13 May 2013 - Notice that there is a new JBER-Richardson recreation area option called Bulldog Trail. Please be aware that this area is still subject to training closures but will be treated independantly of the training areas which it bisects, TA 424, 425, and 429.


Welcome to the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson iSportsman

iSportsman is an interactive recreational access management system developed to facilitate the relationship between Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) and those members of the public who wish to recreate on JBER training lands. This website serves as a way to distribute information about our program while providing members of the public with the opportunity to sign up for a recreational access permit online. Visitors can also sign up for a recreational access permit by using one of the kiosks located inside the JBER Visitor's Centers. Once a recreational user has obtained a permit, the iSportsman system provides an easy and efficient way for the user to check into and out of training areas either by phone or internet.


To register for an iSportsman recreational access permit, click 'Registration' on the above navigation bar.

To gain access to JBER you must also stop at either of the Front Gate Visitor's Centers to be vetted for base access. Individuals failing the vetting process will not be allowed onto JBER. If you have questions regarding installation access requirements, see the Security Forces personnel at the Visitor's Centers or call 552-5665.

Already registered? Click 'Sign-in/Sign-out' on the above navigation bar or call toll free 855-703-9176 to begin recreating. Please be aware that training areas and activities are updated on a daily basis so when you sign-in, the areas and activities shown are an accurate representation of what is available for that day.

All visitors must sign-out at the end of their visit. If visitors fail to sign-out, authorities will assume that the visitors are still in the training areas and possibly in danger and/or in need of assistance and will proceed to initiate a search; actions which could result in loss of recreational access privileges.

***Please be aware that all snow machines and ORVs operated on JBER lands must be insured. There is no ORV use permitted on JBER-Elmendorf.***

MWR Facilities





iSportsman is intended to be used for recreating in the undeveloped portions of JBER. Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities and functional areas are exempt from the iSportsman system. For information regarding the use of the MWR facilities on JBER such as the chalets and fitness centers please contact the MWR office here: www.elmendorf-richardson.com.

Questions? Review frequently asked questions here.

Installation Overview


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) is located within the Municipality of Anchorage in south-central Alaska. The 74,000 acre installation is bordered on the east by the community of Eagle River and Chugach State Park, on the south by the Bureau of Land Management Campbell tract and Stuckagain Heights, on the southwest by Bicentennial Park and the communities of Muldoon, Mountain View, and Government Hill, and on the north and west by the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet.

It is the responsibility of the 673 Civil Engineering Squadron Natural Resources Office to effectively manage the lands, waters, and air space to support the JBER mission and guarantee continued access to its lands, waters, and air space for realistic military training and to sustain the long-term ecological integrity of the resources base and the ecosystem services it provides. It is in support of this responsibility and in fulfillment of the Sikes Act that the Natural Resources Office is working to develop an Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP).

The principal purpose of Department of Defense (DoD) lands, according to DoD Instruction 4715.3, Environmental Conservation, is "to support mission related activities...DoD lands and waters shall be made available to the public for educational or recreational use of natural resources when such access is compatible with military mission activities, ecosystem sustainability, and other considerations such as security, safety, and fiscal soundness." Accordingly, the overall goal of conservation management on JBER is to manage base lands and natural resources in such a way as to support the DoD mission while promoting biodiversity and ecosystem health, protecting natural and cultural resources, and, when and where appropriate, providing commodities on a sustainable basis.

To view the Interim INRMP click here.

Sikes Act


The Sikes Act, as amended through 2003, is the cornerstone legislative mandate that provides for natural resources management on Department of Defense (DoD) Lands. The Sikes Act (16 USC 670a-670o, 74 Stat. 1052) was enacted into United States law on September 15, 1960 as a means to promote effectual planning, development, maintenance, and coordination of wildlife, fish, and game conservation and rehabilitation in military reservations.


Safety on JBER

Buckle up! You must always wear seat belts while in a vehicle on JBER.

Use of cell phones is prohibited while operating a vehicle on JBER.

For current road conditions on JBER you can call the JBER Information Line (552-INFO/4636), check the JBER web page: www.jber.af.mil, Facebook, and Twitter sites.


Contact Us


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